Rachel Hardinge

  • Fitness Certifications: Joey Stabile - Cycle Fusion Cert / Fitness Coaching Cert / CPR/AED Cert / Fire and Safety Cert
  • i found fitness : I played sports as a kid through high school and fell off from fitness after I graduated. I just stopped exercising and started to gain all the weight as my metabolism started to slow down. I knew I had to do something, I was dealing with stronger issues of depression and body dysmorphia. I finally said enough and joined a local gym and started taking group fitness classes. I took some of Nicole's cycle classes and was totally hooked. She encouraged me to seek out a cert. to start teaching and I've been teaching group fitness for 9 years and counting ever since. One of my proudest moments was completing the Chattanooga 70.3 Ironman. It was the hardest race I've done so far and group fitness - cycling helped me prepare for it. Iv'e done 3 so far and I'll definately do more. I want to encourage other people to take on fitness challenges no matter the distance all things are possible if you just give it a try.
  • songs on my playlist: Start a Riot - Duckwrth, AJR, and all things hip hop and indie alternative
  • my guilty pleasure: Build a Bear, and Cookie Dough!