To the Echelon Family

We regret to inform you that due to the new ordinance put into place by the city officials our studio is temporarily unable to remain open to the public. The health of the community is of the utmost importance to us and as we charge on through this trying time we want to ensure everyone remains as healthy as possible.
We will keep you informed as things unfold and we learn more in the upcoming weeks. We will re-evaluate on March 30th and go from there.



Train with some of the best instructors in the Industry, right in the Echelon Cycling Studio. The high-intensity fitness classes will track your level of output while cycling or working out to compete with your personal best or others globally in our Echelon global community. With over 4,300 sq. ft, this group fitness center is the largest in the area. Each studio offers classes that are streamed live throughout the world on the Echelon Fitness App.

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To rise and shine. To rise above all the reasons not to rise. There is no snooze button here. No kids to be fed or dogs to walk. There is no “it costs too much” or it’s too far.” No “it’s too cold or hot or rainy or snowy,” and no, “I don’t know this” or “I don’t like how I look” or “I’m weak.” There is only you and the you that you want to be.

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Our Studio

Our cycling classes feature more than forty Echelon Smart Connect bikes. Each smart bike monitors and tracks your progress while competing globally with riders on the Echelon Fit App. Classes in our Flex Studio including the Flex Bike, Barre, Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga, Meditation, Flexibility, and more. The high-intensity fitness classes track your level of output while competing with others in the global Echelon community.

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Challenge yourself, have fun, and get to your best fitness level. Be a part of a world-wide community that is growing in your town. We want you to be a part of it! Never Ride Alone!

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“The trainers rock. I love the trainers so much I wish I could hug them after class! You shouldn’t have told me you were from Chattanooga. I might show up some day!”

Erin Q

“The classes are awesome. Well worth the money!”

Felicia Jones

“The live are worth every penny! It’s like a different experience each time I ride.”

Adrianna Romero

“My sister and I really love that we can connect our information and track each other’s progress. Now, we have friends who have also joined us!”

Krissy S