Brianna Taylor

  • Fitness Certifications: Les mills Cx Worx, AAAI-ISMA, Indoor cycling, AAAI-ISMA, Primary Aerobics, CPR/AED/First, BBP, Health and Life Coach Certification, HCI
  • what i like most about fitness classes: I love motivating people to seek positive change in their lives. I love seeing familiar faces and building relationships with people I get the privilege of coaching! The more I see them take active steps towards improving their health, the more excited I get that they have made the lifelong commitment to seek health and happiness everyday! It fires me up!
  • favorite part of my class: That moment I notice we are working together as a team and pushing each other to be better.
  • its the final push your best motivational advice is: Set a goal for your last push before it happens because you know you can do it! Fight to prove to yourself how strong you are!