Brianna Taylor

  • Fitness Certifications: Les mills Cx Worx, AAAI-ISMA, Indoor cycling, AAAI-ISMA, Primary Aerobics, CPR/AED/First, BBP, Health and Life Coach Certification, HCI
  • i found fitness : Ever since I can remember I have always been "chubby". My dad was an Outdoor Director at the High School/Middle School we went to so I was a super active kid and hiked, backpacked, canoed, and kayaked often but I was not "fit". This started to change when I fell in love with Spin in college in 2011. I was called into sub for my sister, Amanda when she started student teaching because I took all of her classes. The head of UTC Campus Rec sent me to a Spin Certification in 2013 and I have been teaching ever since. I have gotten stronger each year since that time and I owe all of my confidence to my big sister because she convinced me to take my first spin class and to run my first half marathon before getting married in 2016. I voluntarily ran another in 2018 and actually signed her up! She has encouraged me in so many ways over the years. I started teaching for Echelon Fitness in December 2018 and have been thinking about a half Ironman ever since. I went on a bike tour in Europe in September and have been itching to commit myself to something BIG. I am FINALLY signing up and can't wait to take this challenge and prove to myself that I AM an athlete.
  • what i like most about fitness classes: I love motivating people to seek positive change in their lives. I love seeing familiar faces and building relationships with people I get the privilege of coaching! The more I see them take active steps towards improving their health, the more excited I get that they have made the lifelong commitment to seek health and happiness everyday! It fires me up!
  • its the final push your best motivational advice is: Set a goal for your last push before it happens because you know you can do it! Fight to prove to yourself how strong you are!