Homebody Challenge FAQ

What is the Homebody Challenge?

We are all stuck at home, and getting motivated to workout is hard. We want to do something fun for our community and bodies, and be of service. The Homebody Challenge is an activity challenge – total number of classes – with a charitable component.  Register here to get started!

When is the challenge and for how long will it run? 

May 1st – May 31st 

How does it work?

There are 2 “goals” of the challenge, a personal goal and a community goal. The personal goal is set by you when you sign up. The community goal is set by Echelon. Both goals are based on total number of classes. 

How do I participate? 

We are using Eventbrite for challenge sign ups. Signing up allows you to share your goal with us. You can also choose to make an optional donation to Meals on Wheels. We only want to know your goal so we can support your journey, and will not share your goal publicly without permission. 

Do I have to sign up?

No, but there IS a science behind stating your goal and the likeliness of achievement. Signing up and sharing your goal with us is recommended by not required. 

What is Meals on Wheels? 

Meals on Wheels is a national charity that empowers local community programs to improve the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve so that no one is left hungry or isolated.

Do I have to donate? Is there a minimum?

No, donations are appreciated but not required. The minimum donation is $1.00. Click here to donate.

Are there winners or prizes?

No, there are no individual winners or prizes. This challenge is about the community moving together and supporting each other in a collective goal. Whether you can do 1 or 5 classes per week EVER CLASS counts! We will celebrate and support each other along the way.

Can I sign up for the challenge after May 1st?

Yes! You can sign up anytime during the month of May. Simply adjust your goals accordingly. 

Do outdoor workouts like walking and running count?

Yes and no. We welcome you to add outdoor workouts to your personal calendar and goal but do not have systems in place for you to share non-Echelon workouts with us in a way that we can track them. 

Do I have to complete and send the accountability form? 

No, but we certainly encourage it! This form is to you the accountability and motivation to accomplish your goals. Plus you get to share it with our community and if you send it to us at social@echelonfit.com you’ll have the chance to get highlighted for your hard work on our social pages! 

What if I need support during the challenge? 

The Echelon teachers and community are here for you! Throughout the challenge we’ll share teacher videos with you and host 6 total lives on Facebook and Instagram. Here is the schedule, all times are EST:

Date / TimeTeacherLocation
Wednesday 4/29 @ 7PMRildeFacebook
Friday 5/1 @ 5PMNicoleInstagram
Wednesday 5/13 @ 7PMJamyFacebook
Friday 5/15 @ 5PMJamaInstagram
Wednesday 5/27 @ 7PMMeganFacebook
Friday 5/29 @ 5PMMariInstagram