Stressing your muscles over time builds strength and challenges cardiovascular endurance. Strength rides pair steep hills, moderate grade rollers and flat roads with occasional bursts of speed.


Anaerobic threshold and overall aerobic capacity improve when you push your boundaries. Pedal through perceived limits as you generate and sustain speed on flat roads and mild climbs at higher cadences.

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Power is generated at the intersection of resistance and leg speed, also known as cadence. This interval ride plays with speed, load and time to increase strength and stamina and spike post-workout metabolic activity.

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 Progression begins with a solid foundation. Using the variables of time and tempo across milder terrains, endurance rides build baseline fitness levels, burn fat for energy and, at lower intensities, promote recovery.


The body needs variety in movement and intensity to continually progress. Challenging physical and mental agility, Fusion is a medley ride of our favorite drills – strength, power and speed.