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Interested in joining our team of energetic and professional instructors? Our team members lead fun, energizing classes in our amazing Connect Studios. Many of these classes are streamed “LIVE” to thousands of our subscribers on our Echelon Fit App. Your energy in class will help those riders, across the nation and across the world, meet their fitness goals as well!

Our Core Vaules


Everyone deserves to be healthy. No matter what your fitness goals, Echelon is built to make sure everyone has easy, affordable access to the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves.


Your success is our success. With highly skilled trainers, products, and programs, Echelon’s highest priority is you and making your fitness journey as smooth as possible.


Fitness doesn’t need to be exclusive. Echelon makes products for people who want to get healthier and wants those products to work for you. The only decision you have to make is the one to get fit. We can do the rest.

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Connected Fitness

To rise and shine. To rise above all the reasons not to rise. There is no snooze button here. No kids to be fed or dogs to walk. There is no “it costs too much” or it’s too far.” No “it’s too cold or hot or rainy or snowy,” and no, “I don’t know this” or “I don’t like how I look” or “I’m weak.” There is only you and the you that you want to be.

A Day in the Life.


Nicole has been instructing in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude will make you leave class with a smile. But don’t mistake the smile for an easy class, her energy will push you past your limits and make you break out of your comfort zone. Nicole is a working artist, always using her creativity in her workouts. Another passion of Nicole’s is music in her classes you’ll hear fresh and creative music to match her upbeat classes!

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