Nicole Griffin

  • Fitness Certifications: Mad Dogg Indoor Cycling, Afaa Group fitness, American Red Cross CPR
  • what i like most about fitness classes: Hearing the stories. Hearing that I was part in changing someone's life. Being able to inspire while doing something I love is incredible. I've heard stories about weight loss, about all the physical benefits of exercise but what is so humbling to me is when someone reaches out and says "you have no idea how much I needed you today". A simple quote, or a story I told during class changed their whole day. To me Echelon is so much more than a workout class. We have truly created a family.
  • favorite part of my class: That feeling when the beat drops, everyone in class is focused, sweating and working as hard as they can. Feeding off the music and energy we have created. It’s a beautiful experience.
  • the best worst song is: Journey-Don't stop believin