Nicole Griffin

  • Fitness Certifications: Mad Dogg Indoor Cycling, Afaa Group fitness, American Red Cross CPR
  • i found fitness : My greatest achievement would probably be winning the Polly Crocket skillet throwing competition. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds and the trophy was an actual skillet.
  • what i like most about fitness classes: Hearing the stories. Hearing that I was part in changing someone's life. Being able to inspire while doing something I love is incredible. I've heard stories about weight loss, about all the physical benefits of exercise but what is so humbling to me is when someone reaches out and says "you have no idea how much I needed you today". A simple quote, or a story I told during class changed their whole day. To me Echelon is so much more than a workout class. We have truly created a family.
  • when youre not in the gym: You can find me at my art studio covered in paint and holding a drill. I create colorful whimsical art out of reclaimed metals and wood. If I'm not creating then I'm dancing at the closest concert. I’m fueled by music and boogie at as many live shows as I can. if I'm not doing either of those things then odds are I’m taking pictures of my handsome son Orange. Orange is a beagle Collie mix that is currently starting at me to give him a bite of my peanut butter jelly sandwich. Which, I will most likely give into case you were wondering.