Michael Browne

  • Fitness Certifications: Corp. Wellness B.S., USAW-L1 Coach, CF-L2 Trainer
  • i found fitness : My fitness journey started when I was a young kid playing sports. As a profession once I graduated college. Of recent in the last 5 years I have strived to invest in myself (education, appearance and scope) in becoming more of a fitness professional without niches.
  • what i like most about fitness classes: Group fitness is awesome because I get to interact with so many people. The energy I can give to those that may not have that on certain days or uplifting them through fitness that they are more than capable. Personal training is where I get to dive in with the client and get to know them beyond just the obvious of improving their lifestyle. I can educate more and deeper. Provide a more since of depth when it's one on one or a small group of 4.
  • its the final push your best motivational advice is: Push more...enjoy the burn, make the burn be your fuel to finish strong! The burn is your friend!!