Jamile Muro


Jamy Muro

  • Fitness Certifications: Keiser Cycling, Maddogg Certified, CycleBar Certified and working towards yoga certification.
  • i found fitness : My love of fitness began in high school as a competitive cheerleader. We would workout year round in preparation for our competitions and I was able to achieve certain levels of gymnastics at a "older" age, which I was very proud of. Throughout college, I dabbled with aerobics classes to keep active BUT my true passion was revealed to me just weeks after giving birth to my son. I walked into a spin class in hopes of dropping the baby weight. I instantly fell deeply in love with the sport and have been hooked every since. Cycling has been a part of my exercise routine, a pillar of strength through my darkest moments, and a motivation throughout my subsequent 2 births to my daughter's. My greatest achievement was finally deciding to become an instructor after years of just being a "rider." Believing that I could actually instruct a group of individuals, be effective, and change their lives was a game changer for me. Therefore, I strive to learn and grow each day in this arena. It is my PASSION. So much so, that I recently decided to leave my 18 yr. career as an educator, to devote my 100% efforts and dive head first into the world of fitness. I am beyond excited to see where this journey takes me, and the positive impact it will make in the lives of others!!!
  • its the final push your best motivational advice is: This is your moment to dig in and be the best YOU! Love yourself just a pinch more and PUSH!
  • my guilty pleasure: Haagen Dasz ice cream