Jamile Muro


Jamy Muro

  • Fitness Certifications: Keiser Cycling, Maddogg Certified, CycleBar Certified and working towards yoga certification.
  • what i like most about fitness classes: My passion for this business comes from the people I've connected with. Listening to their stories and have them tell me that I have inspired them, motivated them, changed their LIVES, kept them sane, reminded them of their worthiness, and the like. That IS what drives me. I want to be a change agent for the good in this world. I want to be able to bring hope into the lives of those who don't see any. I want people to know they're not alone, that they matter, and that each day is an opportunity to grow stronger and happier. Progress over perfection ALWAYS!!!!
  • favorite part of my class: Pushing someone past their comfort zone
  • songs on my playlist: Pop, Latin Jams, and House music