Amy Hager

  • Fitness Certifications: Cycle Fusion Indoor Cycling
  • i found fitness : I have a 20+ year love affair with indoor cycling as a student but was intimidated to teach. However, after losing both my parents to complications from preventable diseases, I wanted to do more for myself and others. Cycling was a way for me to cope with the grief then and now instructing is an avenue to help someone else improve their health. The greatest compliment I can receive is for someone to say because of you I am doing "this" differently to improve my health. My greatest personal accomplishment off the bike was completing 750 barre classes in 3 years.
  • its the final push your best motivational advice is: Refocus! Push that negative voice out of your head and remember your WHY!
  • when youre not in the gym: I am a nut for football and golf! I have been an avid Titans fan for the past 20 years and love attending in person whenever possible. Golf takes a close second either watching or playing.