Class Guidelines

  1. For the ultimate class experience for everyone (including you) please be respectful and follow these guidelines: Be on time. Better yet, be early. Class starts on time. Late entries are distracting and in some circumstances will not be allowed.
  2. Refrain from chatter. It is disruptive to other riders and your instructor. If you are talking, you aren’t working!
  3. THIS IS A NO PHONE ZONE. We promise you will survive without it during class. We have charging stations in our lockers for your convenience. No flash photography.
  4. Classes are filmed for viewers around the globe, so realize that you may be on camera. For production purposes, you may be asked to move to a different bike.
  5. Please remain on your bike for the duration of the ride. If you absolutely must exit the studio for an emergency, please exit the rear of the studio. Do not use doors at the front of the studio during.

Our classes are live streamed to Echelon Fit app users worldwide, so please be aware that cameras will be filming in the studio during your class.

Most importantly, have a good time. This is mandatory.